Orlando Game Jam Featuring RealSense

28th January 2015

In the middle of January we helped host a Game Jam in the Orlando Science Center during the Otronicon event.  Teams competed for the prizes of RealSense cameras, making games that used the technology in fun and innovative ways.  Justin posted a write-up about the Game Jam here, including more pictures of the games and groups.  The four groups all used Unity and the Intel RealSense Unity toolkit to make their games in less than a day.  The game entries were: a game that used hand controls to make a retro space arcade game, a game using hand gestures to build sandwiches, a game using hand controls to control a 3D podracer, and a game using a little bit of everything (emotions, hands, face, gestures) in order to play carnival-esque games.Congratulations to the winner, Metro!Game Game Entry, Bitz HitzGame Game Entry, MetroGame Game Entry, Pod RacingGame Game Entry, Behavior Splash

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