Shapesong wins Most Innovative Use of AR/VR at Orlando iX!

25th October 2016


We're proud to announce that Shapesong has won the award for the most innovative use of AR/VR at this year's Orlando iX conference! We totally weren't expecting any recognition when we decided to show Shapesong at OiX, especially since it's still very much in a proof of concept state. It was great to be able to demo it for everyone though and to give people a glimpse at what we're working toward with the app.

My favorite quote from the event: I've been holding out on getting a Vive, but I would TOTALLY buy one for this game!

Hearing things like that makes the months we spend banging our computers together worth it.

Justin Link - Developer

Programming, Audio, Graphic Design

Digital media is my paint and reality is my canvas.

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