The New Guy

9th May 2017


Hey everyone, I’m Jarrett, the newest installation to the Chronosapien team. Now that I’ve been working with the team for some time and we got through GDC, I thought it’d be a good opportunity to introduce myself and what it is I bring to the table.

What is my role at Chronosapien?

I came on board as an artist to do… well, art! More specifically environmental art. This consist of concepting an art direction and props, modeling and texturing said props, then setting up the environment to recreate and build upon the initial concept. However, during my time here I feel I’m a much more integral part to the team than just creating the world. I’m often asked for input on design and I feel like my opinions and ideas matter and that a part of me is also in Shapesong. I also plan to keep up a blog to share my processes, challenges, and what I have learned from them so stay tuned for those coming up in the near future.

Shapesong Environment Concept


Shapesong in-Game Screenshot


When did I join the Chronosapien team?

Initially I was planning to intern for the current spring semester, but started interning around mid-December in which I was putting a good amount of time into the project as I became more  invested in it. I’m technically interning at the moment, but seem to have been integrated into the team for the foreseeable future! The comradery is strong!

What were you doing before Chronosapien?

I was, and am currently, in school for my BA in Game Design at UCF. As I close in on graduation, I was looking for work to put my art skills I have developed over the years to good use as well as get industry experience. So far I feel I hit the jackpot! Before going back to school full time in pursuit of my current passion, I worked a lot of odd jobs from retail, sales, and hospitality which left me wanting more, I needed to be in a field where I could create. Going back to school to pursue my passion has paid off in so many ways and I’m super happy to be where I am now.

What is your background in art?

I had always enjoyed drawing as a kid, especially through elementary and middle school I was either drawing or building things with LEGOs. I always wanted to be a cartoonist as I would create characters and caricatures of friends and other people, but later in life I found myself more interested in abstract and illustrative designs. In high school, I began learning the art of architectural drafting which I very much enjoyed. The precision that had to be put into each plan and line that you placed was this little orderly world I could get lost in and put focus into. I think this tied in to when I would build with LEGOs for so many years. Either way, I studied that for roughly 4 years and began to break into the 3D portion of it in AutoCadd, in which my professor at the time suggested animation or game design may possibly be a more interesting field for me. I thought “Hey, I like video games! Why not try to make them as well?” Photoshop was probably my first dive into game design creating concepts and designs. Graphic design resonated with my previous traditional art skills as well as the precision of drafting, so on the side I would do contract work for logos and other odd things. The further I got into game design, I found myself being drawn to creating interesting concepts and then recreating them with the digital tools I was learning. Now I’m imagining environments and the things within them, then building them myself or with a team, and I love every minute of it!  If you’re interested in seeing any of my other work, I will have a link to my digital portfolio at the bottom of the post. I’m in the process of updating it so please be gentle!

I think that about does it for now. I could go on and on just about anything, but thought I’d keep it short and simple for now. As mentioned above, I plan to make posts sharing my processes, challenges, and how I overcome them in the future. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to know or ask, feel free to send me a message!

Thanks everyone and I look forward to creating more content for you all to enjoy!


Digital Portfolio:

Jarrett Rhodes - Environmental Artist

Concepting, Design, 3D Modeling, Texturing

The best part about making art is creating new worlds to open others' minds

The New Guy

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9 May

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